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Easy-to-use calculators

You can get rough answers to your financial questions by using the following calculators and making a few estimates on your part.

Loan & Mortgage Calculators

    * Loan Calculator— How do you calculate loan repayment?
    * Loan Comparison Calculator — What payment is needed for different loan amounts or different interest rates?
    * Loan Prepayment Calculator — How do you calculate prepaying a loan, paying off credit card balances, etc?
    * Home Purchase Calculator — How much house can you afford?
    * Mortgage Calculator —What will your mortgage payment be?
    * Mortgage or Investments Article— Should you prepay your mortgage or invest the extra money?
    * Mortgage Interest Calculator— What is the actual interest rate on a mortgage?

Retirement Calculators

    * Retirement Calculator — How much must you save each month for your retirement?
    * IRA Calculator — What will your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) be worth when you get ready to start drawing on it?
    * Roth IRA Calculator — How does a Roth IRA compare to a traditional IRA?

Savings Calculators

    * College Funding Calculator— Do you know how much you need to set aside to fund a college education for your child?
    * Savings Calculator — What will your savings grow to?
    * Savings Goal Calculator — How long will it take to reach your savings goal?
    * Savings Yield Calculator — What annual percentage yield is required to reach your savings goal?

Estate Planning Calculator

    * Estate Planning Calculator — What is your estate worth?